Top 3 Reasons Your Sales Reps Can’t Do Sales Prospecting Well

March 31, 2020
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Ensuring sales qualified leads is, at times, easy. Ask any sales rep, and they will explain the hurdles they have to confront to reach the end of a business deal. And if by any chance, they succeed in fetching a prospect to agree to a level, they achieve a feeling of relief.

As of now, you are well aware that generating sales qualified leads is easier said than done. You can refer to any sales rep that has to prospect via calls or transfer an anonymous email to a prospect with the intention of getting a desirable response. The reply is normally the same.

It is not that easy. In a similar fashion, why not employ different strategic prospecting skills that have augured and keep on auguring well for the bold. Let us take a look at the reasons why sales reps cannot do sales prospecting well enough.

Be careful of what you say to your sales prospect
Be careful of what to say to your sales prospect

Statements More Than Questions

Keep in mind the time when you attempted to drop your proposition to prospects, and all you received in return was a verbal backlash on the other end of the phone call. No surprise, almost every sales rep has been through that phase.

Do you ever think why did that happen in the first place? The truth is sales reps possibly speak more than required and do not follow the fact that only the prospects have the decision-making authority and not them.

Sounds familiar? For example, if sales reps were to contact a prospect with statements such as, ”We would like to have a meeting with you on Friday,” the prospect can reply in many ways. However, if they say,  ”Can you meet us on Friday?” that question demands a straightforward response.

More Talking, Less Value

Sales reps usually live in the misconception that the more they utter, the better their odds are of generating sales qualified leads. Well, the truth is slightly different.

A majority of sales reps chatter themselves out of deals. They believe that if a prospect exhibits a possible sign of interest, they will continue their chit-chat. Talking more than needed will trigger your prospects to suspect your motives. And thinking of the worse, they would like to hang up to their earliest.

Speaking the right phrases and words can do laurels, yet something in excess normally comes with unfavorable outcomes. Just talk about what you want to and take a brief pause. Let it get through. In case your prospects show increased interest, sum-up your tone and terminate that deal.

Prospecting, Even Though the Response Is Negative

Receiving a negative response is a bitter pill for a majority to swallow, let alone while you are striving to create sales qualified leads. It is certainly not the end of the world. Yet, sales reps continue to persuade customers while interacting with them, which could lead prospects to get furious. And this is a big no-no in strategic prospecting skills.

When a prospect gives you a negative response, it is better to conclude that they are not intrigued by what you have to utter or what your service or product may do for their welfare.

 To Wrap Up

The sales field majorly comprises of negotiation abilities that help sales reps in outperforming regardless of how tough it is to influence an obstinate customer. Eventually, all sales reps have is a responsibility that is well earned and a career waiting for them to take another important step.

Hence, sales reps must focus on preventing mistakes that can not only hinder their sales qualified generation but will also pose a risk for them over their entire sales career path. For this, they need to explore ways to improve themselves and stay focused on closing deals effectively.

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